It’s more than just giving orders… it’s protecting your constituents, developing their capabilities, and creating the environment for camaraderie and collaboration.

We build things as individuals; we build better things collectively.  This is the mindset that I have when working and playing anywhere.  

Being able to listen and understand your constituents is just as important as communicating your message.

Diverse experiences brought together lead to new ideas and methods.

Large or Small, customize the solutions for the current and future operations of the business.

Learning isn’t a means to an end, it’s my way of life.

Big Picture view, without forgetting those important details that affect the Big Picture.

Find the solution… without causing another problem elsewhere.

Utilizing what is relevant, filtering out what isn’t, and the wisdom to discern the former from the latter; this is what’s needed to make the correct assessment.

Be prepared for the worst, be able to handle the worst, and be ready to return to normal operating conditions, all while keeping calm and collected.

Supporting Free & Open Source Software, and contributing to those who develop FOSS.

  • Managed Services Provider.
  • Web site design & development (WordPress on top of LAMP).
  • Network design and implementation.  Use of Open Source and commercial off-the-shelf solutions to configure and deploy firewalls, VLAN’s and VPN’s to segment and secure network access.
  • IP-based security systems (camera’s and IoT), customized for each business.
  • Authored SOP’s, best business practices, disaster recovery, and information security documents.
  • Initiate new policies that streamline operations in presenting pertinent data to external contracting companies.
  • Provided solutions to reduce operational costs.
  • [NASA] Member of the Shuttle Upgrades Program reviewing the feasibility of the Liquid Fly-Back Booster project.
  • [NASA] Safety & Mission Assurance (RT-SRD-2A & EIC-A).  Created and managed the first digital database for Pressure Vessels & Systems.
  • [Department of the Navy] Project Manager for Phase 1 of the Navy & Marine Corp Intranet (NMCI) initiative.
  • [DoD] Interfaced with Officers at One Star and below, providing them with information and support.
  • [University of Central Florida] Department of Nursing Technology Manager.  Designed and constructed a computer lab, and configured various hardware to pilot computer based training programs.  Configured the first “Virtual IV” simulator.  
  • Created and/or improved upon initiatives to streamline processes and improve upon people utilizing IT resources.
  • Managed contractors on multiple projects.
  • Interfaced with V-Level and C-Level Executives to provide assessments, information, presentations, and support.
  • Provided training to counter spearphishing and whaling techniques.

Knowledge & Skills

  • All current Microsoft OS (desktop & server).
  • *NIX family OS (Ubuntu server, Debian, MX Linux, Kali, CentOS, FreeBSD).
  • MacOSX & iOS.
  • Android/AOSP.
  • Type I Hypervisors (ProxMox, ESXi).
  • Virtual Machine and Virtual Network configuration.
  • Sumuri Paladin digital forensic tool kit.
  • TestDisk data recovery software.
  • Belarc Advisor assessment software.
  • AIDA64 assessment software.
  • Anti-malware removal tools (Malwarebytes, SpyBot S&D, ADW Cleaner, GMER).
  •  NGINX and HAProxy (proxy/reverse proxy)
  • OPNSense Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) configuration.
  • IDS/IPS basics
  • Avaya and Cisco switch configuration.
  • TP-Link Omada router and switch configuration (stand-alone and controller).
  •  Dell R720 server install and configuration.
  • Inter-VLAN routing and site-to-site VPN.
  • Remote office/Home office configuration.
  • IP Security cameras and NVR configuration (COTS or BlueIris)