The Pandemic of 2020 has revealed how insufficient most home networks are in providing a fast and stable connection for multiple mobile, tablet, and PC connections.  The more devices you have in your home network, the worse the performance becomes.

The Pandemic has also taught us that business networks have neglected their infrastructure and security for far too long.  Your business loses efficiency, effectiveness, profitability, and security if your network is not designed, configured, and maintained properly.

The all-in-one units that you rent from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) are typically underpowered when dealing with multiple devices and connections.  Furthermore, the wireless range and performance are not as good compared to a dedicated device… but which device(s) do you get?  Do you need a new router, or a mesh system, or both?  What will work for you, both for now, and for the future?

Contact me to figure out what would work for both your needs of today and tomorrow.